How to Disable Common Pop-Up Blockers

A pop-up blocker refers to software that disables the browser’s ability to automatically open certain types of secondary browser windows. Pop-up blockers are primarily used to prevent unwanted advertisement windows from automatically opening.

In the case of the Texas Vaccine Education Online, it is important that you allow pop-up windows so the course materials can open full screen. Failing to allow pop-up windows will prevent you from viewing course materials. Listed below are some of the more popular browsers, and the methods of allowing pop-ups in them.

PLEASE NOTE: You may have more than one pop-up blocker running concurrently. There are several pop-up blocking toolbars as well, so if you use any toolbars, there may be a pop-up blocker setting you will need to disable in addition to your browsers.

Listed Blockers:

  • Internet Explorer 8
  • Mozilla FireFox
  • Google Chrome

Internet Explorer 8

Pop-up blocking is directly integrated into Internet Explorer (often referred to as IE) and turned on by default. There are two methods to allow popups.

Method 1

The first, and best method, is to add this website to the allowed popup list. Select Tools from the main menu, go to Pop-up Blocker, and click on Pop-up Blocker Settings

IE Popup Settings

Enter in the address of the website like the following example, and click Add. This will allow only the websites you add to use popups.

IE Allowed Pop-ups Setting

Method 2

The second method, is to disable the pop-up blocker, then re-enable it once finished. Select Tools from the main menu, pop-up Blocker and uncheck the Turn Off pop-up blocker option.

IE Menu Option

Mozilla FireFox

When using FireFox, and a pop-up is blocked, click Options, and Allow pop-ups for website, as seen below. Once you have allowed pop-ups reload the page.

FF Allow Pop-ups

Google Chrome

Google Chrome blocks pop-ups by default. When a pop-up is blocked you have 2 methods to allow popups.

Method 1

This is the preferred method of allowing pop-ups for Google Chrome. When a pop-up is blocked, click on the Pop-up blocked notification at the end of the address bar, select the option to allow pop-ups from the website as seen below, and click done.

GC Allow Pop-ups Website

Method 2

The second method, is to click the Pop-up blocked notification at the end of the address bar, and click on the link that Google Chrome says it blocked. This will only open the blocked pop-up, not allow any pop-ups.

GC Open Pop-up

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